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Music First is proud to be the exclusive Canadian Dealer for the amazing Jamo R909 Dipole speakers!

Dual 15 inch woofers provide an awesome foundation to a world class magnesium open baffle long throw midrange and the top end is provided by the incomparable Scan Speak Revelator D2905/9900 tweeter!  Considered by many, yours truly included, to be the finest dome tweeter in existence.


The speakers have 20-30k in-room response... and a full, live, immediate sound with explosive dynamics.



Thats right -3db @ 20 hz in our modest 14x18x7.5' show room!!


And there is really no cabinet like no cabinet, they accelerate and decelerate like an Formula One race car. 



In short, they sound like live music.



There are no other speakers like them on the planet.


We have these beauties playing centre stage in our main system in our Caledonia showroom.


They are the best dynamic speaker we've

ever heard and by a wide margin.


And all this in a surprizingly small footprint and profile.


Please call me to come and hear these amazing speakers.


It's worth the drive to Caledonia. 


List price is $C23,000. Introductory pricing will be $18,995 for the rest of 2009.











For those of you who walk on the wild side, they also come in Ferrari Red